🎊🎉Sip, sip…hooray! One year ago, I officially launched my TEATIME WITH WANDA inspirational speaking business. I sincerely appreciate the following people❤: Leslie Williams & Marguritte S. Johnson (my mentors); Melanie Rogers, Melinda Kelley & Noel Giger (marketing department); Greg Reams, Claribel Alfaro, Jovonne Rauls (headshot dept); my fellow Soroptimist International of Dallas club members & American Business Woman’s Assosciation chapter members (presentation participants); my best friend Lisa Gaudiano (for motivating me to FINALLY start my business); my family and friends for their encouragement & support….and last but not least…Steven La Russa for being an AMAZING HUSBAND AND BUSINESS PARTNER!!! This has been an AWESOME year and I look forward to inspiring more people to embrace and implement POSITIVITY in their thoughts, behavior and learning the importance of surrounding oneself with people who empower and inspire. Cheers🥂🍷wandalarussa.com