The official mark of fall/ #autum is TODAY, Saturday, Sept 23! A lot of us are packing a lot into our days with kids’ sports games and extra-curricular activities. And even if you’re without children, work is probably busier than the summer. With schedules getting hectic again, take time to care for yourself. Address your emotional, physical, and mental needs so you don’t get burned out quickly.
Take this weekend to clean out your closet/swap wardrobe items. Donate items you haven’t used in two or more years. You’re making room, and you’re giving people a new chance with those clothes for their adventures. Clearing your mind of things you don’t want/need is self-care. Living spaces can get a makeover without breaking the budget. You can find ideas on Pinterest and buy storage bins at the dollar store. A cleaner, less cluttered space can alleviate stress and anxiety. Ask for help doing this if it feels overwhelming. You could also do 15 minutes a day, working one section of a room at a time.
On this related note: Wearing your favorite outfit is self-care! Why? Putting on an outfit that gives you a confidence boost and makes you look extra attractive gives you a boost of dopamine. (That means happy chemicals in your body!) Good body = great mood!
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