During the 12th month of the year there are many cultural and religious holidays that are celebrated such as: Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and Boxing Day to name a few. While approaching these holidays we often think to ourselves….its not the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the most busiest and stressful time of the year! Can anyone relate? There is saying “What you think about is what you bring about” so if you approach the holidays with mindset, that is exactly what will manifest. Flip the script and make a commitment to go from stressful to stress-free during the holidays. During the month of December, I will share 7 tips to help you achieve that. Listed below is #4:

Avoid Family Conflict

Even the best families can drive you crazy. Settle in your heart and your mind what you will and won’t tolerate. Pay attention to when you feel uncomfortable, awkward, unsafe, embarrassed or trapped. If someone is drunk or angry or using foul language, you get to decide to walk away.