Apologizing shows maturity and respect for your friend/partner/relative/coworker. It usually de-escalates a situation. The other person’s fuse is disarmed. The person is more open to what you have to say then. It leaves the door open for positive actions and change.

There’s a 2007 song that goes “It’s too late to apologize.” Actually, it’s not, even if it’s days or years later. Apologies are worth your relationships. That means your pride isn’t worth causing a rift in a relationship. There are some instances where you can apologize for how you said something that still needed to be said, and once the other person calms down, they can take that in properly. Sometimes, the truth is difficult. Just consider another’s feelings and try to empathize. We’re all prone to mistakes and when emotions get the better of us. Just own up to them, and your relationships will improve. Humility looks good on you.