Your persistence can change your life and encourage others. Have you seen this happen in your life?

Let’s say you tried a new business/ nonprofit or a new way to do something or mend a relationship with a family member, and it got complicated. It didn’t work out how you wanted. It happens.

Remember that failING does NOT make you a failURE. Failure is an event, not a person, and to your credit, looking back, you may see where it went wrong. Now you have more insight and hopefully, have people who have wisdom to help guide you in decisions. Be ready to put in the work.

You can try again. Persist if it’s something that is worthwhile and you feel it’s really in you to do this thing. Let the fruit/results of this idea be your motivation. Your persistence will bring more understanding and wisdom. Others can see what you’re doing and your growth and be encouraged to retry something they gave up on years ago. You don’t know the impact. Keep going! You can take a break and regroup, but don’t give up.

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