Despite being born into a family of 11 children in south central Texas and learning in segregated schools, Inez Beverly Prosser taught for 18 years and made history. She became the first Black woman to earn a Doctorate degree in Psychology. She attended and graduated from Prairie View A&M University not far from Houston, TX. Her dissertation study took accounts of self-esteem and personalities of African-American middle schoolers in integrated and segregated schools. Her conclusions were that because of the treatment of peers and teachers, the students at integrated schools were worse off in their relationships, felt inferior at school, and wanted to leave school early. This opposed what was being pushed at the time (for integration) until white teachers’ attitudes could change to offer positive experiences for Black children. She was central in assisting many Black students in getting funding for college and graduate study.
Her birth year is unknown, but when she died, her supposed age was 38. She passed away due to a car collision near Shreveport, Louisiana. I hope this landmark life can encourage, inspire you, and challenge you to dream big, impact others positively, and find a way to make those dreams come true.