August is National Wellness Month.
Wellness has many dimensions including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, & financial. Today, I’m talking about financial health. How do you manage your resources to live within your means? How well/often do you make informed financial decisions and investments?
On a scale of 1-10, (10 being I can’t imagine it better) what do you feel your financial health is?
Tips to improve: You need to set realistic goals. You need to prepare for short-term and long-term needs and emergencies. There are plenty of resources online for free. Try your local library. I know Nerd Wallet has a lot of articles for free. Ask a trusted friend or family member who you think makes wise financial decisions and lives well within their means.
Not everyone can afford a financial planner, but most everyone can create new systems that replace bad habits with good ones for your future. You might want to earn more money with odd jobs or selling items you haven’t used in years. So many relationship fights are caused because of money. Be sure to communicate expectations with whoever you share that responsibility with, and grow together, not apart.