Letting go of bitterness is difficult but worth it. If you are a person who holds grudges, this is your sign to remind you to work on letting them go. It doesn’t have to be someone you need to talk to again if you don’t need to, but forgiveness releases you from that anger and stress. Forgiveness is often a daily thing. It’s a process, especially for long-standing hurts. Don’t let them control you in doing or not doing something.
3 Benefits of forgiveness:

– More at peace, less anxiety, feeling of wholeness

– A stronger immune system
– Improved heart health
Did you know that mental/emotional and physical health are related? Scientific research confirms chronic stress causes a slew of mental health issues, heart problems, gastrointestinal problems, plus sexual, menstrual, and eating disorders. You can talk to a counselor or a trusted friend who cares for a healthy you. Aim for wholeness. Mend the broken pieces.
Let me know if you will choose that journey this year. You’re worth it!

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