Have you heard of the Love Languages? There are 5 main ones, as detailed in The 5 Love Languages, a great book by Gary Chapman. Discovering or recognizing how you feel most loved and usually give/ show your love has been a game-changer for me. It applies to family and friends and romantic relationships.
A quick summary of the tangible gifts language is simply when you give gifts, you feel like you’re loving someone well. The gift could be a greeting card, letter, gift card, shoes, flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. If you feel the most loved receiving gifts, it’s the other way. It’s the feeling of someone thinking of you or about something that reminded them of you and you receive it that really touches your heart. You appreciate it a great deal. A $3 keychain of something that connects with a person could mean more than an expensive item, depending on the person.
Do you relate to this love language? What has been one of your favorite gifts you’ve given or received?