Make time to invest in others. Making the investment of time or money or wisdom in other people creates a positive bond, and it generally leaves both parties feeling better if you’re authentic and can get along. Invest in your peers and the younger generations. As someone who has been both mentor and mentee roles in my life, I can attest to how much growth both sides of that can produce. Be ready to learn from anyone, regardless of age. You can be an official or unofficial mentor. Whatever you can do in your season, make it happen. Have fun.
You can also give quality time to your elders. Whether it’s someone you know or not, they are likely to appreciate your sacrifice of time to help them do something or just talk. Once again, have fun. It’s really about people helping people. What makes life worth living? Relationships. You can build those, even if it’s just for an hour. If you don’t end up seeing them again, it’s okay. You don’t know how much a positive impact you had on their day, week, or the rest of their lives.
Where, when, or with whom can you put this into practice? Are you currently doing this? Where?
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