You’ve lived long enough to know life is full of obstacles… some chosen and others not chosen. Most people are wearing a façade. So before your heart starts to get jealous of someone you see on social media or hear about on the grapevine who has something or someone that you don’t, remember that what they show online are mostly the shiny celebratory parts of their lives. Who knows how many times they took that picture to get it just right or how many filters? Certainly not you.
What else is going on in that person’s life that is going wrong? You don’t have to know specifically, but know that it’s not all ‘flowers and butterflies’ perfect. Nobody’s life is, no matter how much they present to you that it is.
Keep this as a friendly reminder: What’s important is not just the outside you present, but let’s do the work to clear our hearts on the inside. That could be: going to a group therapy or 1-on-1 counseling sessions or sharing struggles with close friends and changing our habits. Actually, multiple options are great. Each of us has work to do. Don’t spend time getting jealous. Celebrate them, heal, and do your own thing.
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