Wanda offers a variety of topics and her talks are all engaging, interactive and enjoyable. Participants discover how to enrich, improve and enhance their well-being, personal relationships and professional lives.

Listed below are the various talks she offers:

LET’S CHAT POSITIVITY: 3 Effects of Negative and positive thoughts

Studies show that a person with a positive outlook is happier, healthier, feels more successful, and believes that they can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.  During this talk, Wanda illuminates the effects of positive and negative thoughts and shows how to create habits of positivity.


LET’S CHAT Presenteeism: 5 effects positivity can have on your bottom-line

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, companies constantly search for ways to boost productivity and enhance their bottom-line. While factors like technology, strategy, and market conditions play crucial roles, recent research has shed light on the undeniable link between a positive outlook and productivity, ultimately influencing the financial success of organizations.  Fostering positivity is not just a feel-good strategy, but a smart business move with tangible effects on the bottom-line.               

LET’S CHAt Holidays: 7 tips for a stress-free season

There is a saying “What you think about is what you bring about” and if you approach the holidays with a negative mindset, that is exactly what will manifest. A positive approach to any challenge helps us to work through difficulties and experience the true joy of the season. This fun and interactive talk will enable participants to discover secrets to taking control of the craziness of the holidays, enriching their lives and sharing the peace and joy within themselves with those they care about most!

LET’S Create a custom talk

Work with Wanda to plan a talk that addresses your specific needs. Utilize her vast knowledge &  experience and allow her to formulate a talk that will engage your target audience based on your needs.