Today I called the SUICIDE CRISIS HOTLINE!!! Before you jump to conclusions, hear me out. I’m in the process of writing my speech for my professional speaking business and the topic is POSITIVITY. I inspire participants to embrace and implement positivity in their thoughts, behavior and environment. Unfortunately, some people fill their heads with negative thoughts or believe the horrible things that other people say about them and to them. This can lead to feelings of worthlessness among other things and the person will hurt themselves or don’t want to live anymore. I will inform my participants that if they (or someone they know) is having these type of thoughts to please let me know IMMEDIATELY and I will help them find the proper mental care STAT. Sometimes people don’t want to openly admit that they are having these thoughts or may not be comfortable approaching me and talking openly about their situation. However, its imperative to have resources readily available to participants, so I contacted the SUICIDE CRISIS HOTLINE to see if they would donate business size cards that have their 1-800-273 – TALK (8255) number and other pertinent information. I want to make sure that participants have access to these cards and will do my best to put them in a discreet place. I’m happy to announce that the agency is going to send me 500 cards free of charge and I’m sooooo thankful. Having these cards just might save a precious life!!!