August is National Wellness Month.
Wellness includes your environment. The first level is your immediate environment. Your working & living spaces should be conducive to how you work, have fun, and live. Does it need organizing? Do you need more natural lighting? Are your chairs and bed supporting your back? Do you want to add a plant to your space?
The next level is having pleasant relationships with those whom you live and work with. You don’t have to be best friends, but those are definitely helpful if you enjoy being around/ communicating with people on a regular basis.
The next level up is to view the city/area you live in like a tourist. Explore those places tourists to your area would visit. You may find you actually love your location a little more. And you have recommendations to tell your friends/ family when they visit. You may find you like hiking or a quiet outdoor path to walk and clear your mind. Connect with nature.
All these factors impact your wellness. Take time to assess your immediate surroundings, the people regularly around you, and the geography around you.