Is physical or mental strength more important? Both are! Strengthen yourself mentally & physically. Mind and body are connected. What challenges you in a small way so you don’t feel overwhelmed?

Physical challenge: Is it parking a little farther from a store? Is it taking the stairs for 1 or 2 flights vs. using the elevator all the way to your destination? You decide. You don’t have to join a gym if you don’t want to. Take walks or ride a bike. Watch a Youtube video on how to dance, and get that body moving.

Mental challenge: Go somewhere different. Take a different way home, just to make you aware and not slide to autopilot. Research something you’ve been curious about. Read about it just for fun. If you don’t normally read a book, instead of the time spent on social media, take 5 minutes a day and read a science fiction novel or business (or whatever genre). You’d be surprised how tiny chunks of time add up. Expand your mind. Audio books count! You’re worth it!

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