Where is your ship going? Are you drifting? Each person should work on becoming the best person they can be and work on making their relationship the best it can be. Keep dating your spouse/partner. Keep learning them. They’re worth it.
You’ve heard people say we’ve “grown apart.” It’s because if you are not INTENTIONAL with being united in your mission/ destination, you’re by default drifting away from each other. Think of two boats in the ocean. When they’re not anchored, they’ll drift pretty far. Even when anchored, they drift a little bit. When they’re in motion toward a destination, that’s when they’re existing in their purpose (best, fulfilled life).
Therefore, I encourage you, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, move & steer your boat (yourself) towards your goals. You can choose your speed. Just remember stopping causes you to drift. So when you rest, don’t linger too long.