You’re beautiful/ handsome and wonderful. We were made uniquely. You are a masterpiece! Think of all the struggles you’ve been through, and you’re still kicking! You have special gifts in your personality and talents. A happy you doing what you love is the most gorgeous image of you. Find that place deep inside of you. You’re allowed to feel beautiful without criticism or feeling haughty or arrogant.

On the other side of that, keep pressing forward. We all mess up. We know better, but we were too tired to…OR we didn’t know until it was too late to alter the course. It happens. Don’t disrespect yourself by tearing yourself down. You wouldn’t tell a young child his/her art is ugly, would you? So don’t pick yourself apart. You are a work of art. When something “spills,” learn from the mistakes. Get advice and teaching from others so you can benefit from what they learned. Keep going. You’re gonna make it.