When you’re working toward the same goal of a lasting happy marriage, you’re going to be lifting each other up in encouragement. You want to run towards the same destination. and learn what it means to endure. When you’re running or doing something athletic for an extended amount of time that you’re not used to, you’re going to feel exhausted.
Take a break by walking (or going at a slower pace). You don’t just stop when you know you have far to go. Sometimes, you have to slow down for your partner; other times, you’re the person lagging behind. Another side of endurance in marriage is forgiving and apologizing. You have to think about the long-term effects. Is this argument worth creating a wedge between you and your partner? Most times, it isn’t. Can you discuss the topic without being rude or sarcastic? Counseling is another example of endurance. Sometimes you need a neutral third party to help you. It doesn’t mean you’re failing. Getting help is a mature idea. The point is: don’t stop trying to be your best in and for the relationship. It’s stronger after working out the kinks in the rope.
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